How much does the band cost and how do I check availability?
Please contact us using the inquiry form under the "Contact" tab, giving the info requested.
We will respond with a quote within 24 hours.

How can I book the Underscore Jazz Collective?
Once you are ready to hire Underscore, you will sign a contract for the event along with a 40% deposit to save the date (deposit is refundable within a certain timeframe, full details will be in the contract).


How many musicians are in the band?
Although we typically perform as a Trio (Drums, Bass and Guitar) or as a Quintet (with the addition of Saxophone & Trumpet), Underscore can be customized to meet the needs of your event.  Vocalists and Solo Performers (Piano, Guitar) are also available.

What time do you arrive for set-up?
We generally arrive 45 - 60 minutes ahead of the contracted start time, depending on the ensemble. Earlier load in is possible and in some situations may incur an additional cost.

How long do you typically play?  Can we extend sets to be longer?  What about band breaks?
A set length is 45 minutes.  We can extend sets (per request) up to 75 minutes.  We take breaks of 10 minutes in between sets.

Do we need to feed the band?
Our policy regarding food and beverages is "always suggested, never expected".  If you can have a meal prepared for our musicians, we would be very appreciative.

Do you guys travel?
We certainly do - one of our earliest performances was a wedding in San Diego (it's that background picture behind this text)! There is a travel fee for events outside a 35 mile radius, broken down in detail in contract if necessary. Total transparency is our MO.


Can Underscore MC our party?
Besides short announcements (i.e. alerting the guests to a change in location or that dinner is about to be served) Underscore does not take on MC'ing duties.  If you would like an MC, we have several vendors that we work with and can recommend.

Do you take requests?
Yes, with advance notice. Our repertoire contains hundreds of songs and is always growing. For songs not on our list, there is a $90 fee per song for time creating the arrangements and rehearsing the band.


What if we need you to play longer than we are contracted for?
Perfectly fine ... simply consult with Ricky to hash out the details.  Overtime pay is at the same rate as regular time and will be added to the revised invoice before being sent to you.

Do you supply speakers and microphones?
We are able to provide one complimentary small speaker to play music through during our breaks. We do not offer sound systems for speeches or toasts, however we can arrange a rental for you through a third party provider.

How do we pay?  Do you guys accept credit cards?
We accept Credit/Debit Cards, Check, Cash, Venmo or PayPal.